Phillipa's Perspective
April 3, 2016

About 5 months before the big day, I got a phone call from Sabrina Simpson who was having her wedding to Michael Laine at the W SOBE and wanted some help. I don’t think there has ever been anyone I have truly liked quicker, and I didn’t really care what her budget was…we were going […]

My Job is to Create Experiences
December 27, 2015

When it comes to event planning it is so important to think beyond the decor and lighting. Creating an event is so much more than just food and beverage and beautiful decor…you have to think about the entire guest experience. What energy are you creating, how does the timeline impact the feel of the entire […]

The Big Things
December 3, 2015

So I recently wrote about this amazing Gatsby Party I had the pleasure of working on. In that piece I talked about a lot of the small bespoke touches that can have a massive impact. I also promised to talk about some of the big touches we had that really made the event come to […]

Small Touches = Big Impact
November 13, 2015

When I was contracted to do a Gatsby Party for a 60th Birthday celebration my mind started going to all the little things we could do. Lucky to have such an amazing client who was up for almost anything, the fun began!   The first thing we did was find the perfect venue, and the […]

Defining Your Style
October 26, 2015

Regardless of the occasion every client has an image that they want reflected in the event. How do you define your style? What do you want your guests to feel or how do you want the event remembered? Whether it is a corporate meeting or wedding the goal is to evoke emotion in the guests. […]

Growing Up Giesbert
October 17, 2015

I literally had the most amazing childhood. My dad had an incredibly exciting career with Marriott, and because we were always moving, my mom gave up her career to make sure that I had a childhood for the books. Most people want to be able to give their kids more than they had growing up, but […]

The Right Venue is Critical
October 13, 2015

  Picking the Venue has the biggest impact on your budget…in so many ways. There is the obvious…pricing. Whether that is rental fee or Food & Beverage there is a huge variety of options available. It is so important to understand your buying power. How badly do they need you? As a planner with 15 […]

Don’t Click Too Quick
October 9, 2015

Technology has completely changed the world of event planning…like most industries. Between Etsy, Pinterest and sites like Alibaba, it can snowball very quickly, and just as quickly you can find yourself in a puddle of buyer’s remorse. While there is certainly a ton of upside to having the world of stuff just a click away, […]

And So My Life in Corporate America Began….
October 1, 2015

Once I had a taste for Events following my debut with the Champagne Event, there was no stopping me. Blessed that my dad was in the industry, I remember sitting in front of him, mustering all my courage to tell him that this was my dream. He looked me right in the eye and told me […]

The Proposal- The Beginning of the Fairy Tale!
September 23, 2015

I am always looking for new ways that I can translate my 15 years of experience into something that is truly a need for people. I was talking to my best friend and he mentioned that there are not a lot of resources for the to-be grooms. This is a fact. Most times the groom has […]