April 3, 2016

About 5 months before the big day, I got a phone call from Sabrina Simpson who was having her wedding to Michael Laine at the W SOBE and wanted some help. I don’t think there has ever been anyone I have truly liked quicker, and I didn’t really care what her budget was…we were going to work with her and make sure she got everything she dreamed of. Within moments she had completely charmed me with her genuine and contagious positivity.

The entire process was amazing. She was so laid back and cool, but gave us enough of her vision to create something truly special. I have always loved to play with room sets using equipment the hotel already has. For Sabrina we went with a really cool X and used a lot of what the venue had to offer, You can create a WOW without spending money on rentals if you re-think the equipment that the hotel or venue has.. Sabrina put so much trust in us and our understanding of her style..I event had to do the cake tasting…#thestruggleisreal

The ceremony took place outside and went off without a hitch despite their officiate being adorably nervous, as this was his first time doing it. We did a ½ Circle set with the chairs to add a level of intimacy to the ceremony.  Sabrina had her friend do the photos…they are AMAZING, Sabrina has some pretty incredible friends :-)  Allison Kuhn was truly amazing to work with and the photos are stunning…the perfect balance of portraits to amazing natural shots that only prove that the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is very very true!

My friend and amazing décor partner, Susan Wesselhoft, at Grande Affaires, helped create something breathtaking while being respectful of the budget. There was a lot of re-purposing of items which helped fill in any gaps and there were small touches that had a huge impact. They were able to play off the venues built in look and create something that was breathtaking. Scratch Music was amazing and kept the party going.

The entire evening was magical and I feel so blessed to have made a lifelong friend by doing my job. The wedding was featured in highlighting the bridal party and wedding, we were so proud. No one is more deserving of the honor and we are so proud to have been part of making #2Lainez…and look forward to a lifetime of milestones!


Sabrina Collage

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