My Job is to Create Experiences
December 27, 2015

When it comes to event planning it is so important to think beyond the decor and lighting. Creating an event is so much more than just food and beverage and beautiful decor…you have to think about the entire guest experience. What energy are you creating, how does the timeline impact the feel of the entire event? There are a so many potential pitfalls when you are balancing the necessary ceremony items with ensuring the energy stays a good level. Mitzvah’s are particularly tricky because you now have to make an experience that is fun for 13 year olds and their parents.

I recently had the honor of working with an amazing family on their son’s Bar Mitzvah…the thing that I was proudest of was not the beautiful room or great food and beverage, it was the fact that all night everyone was having a great time. We went straight from cocktail hour to a fun Introduction of the Birthday Boy and straight into the Hora. We had the traditional video of Aaron then and now, but had it running in the background instead of stopping the party to watch a video. The DJ and MC were key in keeping the flow going and I was lucky to have true professionals. I created a clear timeline in advance making it easier and then they made sure the energy was right.

Overall the night was awesome and everyone had a great time! We didn’t spend a ton on entertainment but we worked all of the elements we had, and created moments throughout the evening to ensure it was a memorable event for all!

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