The Big Things
December 3, 2015

So I recently wrote about this amazing Gatsby Party I had the pleasure of working on. In that piece I talked about a lot of the small bespoke touches that can have a massive impact. I also promised to talk about some of the big touches we had that really made the event come to life.

When you are working within a budget (which most of us are), things need to be prioritized. What is going to give the biggest bang for buck. With this event we had already found a venue that screamed the theme before we did anything. We worked with the amazing Grande Affairs to bring in a ton of accents and alternative seating to make the room have the flow the client was after. He did not want people sitting but understood that people needed somewhere to eat. We went with some communal tables that were tall with stools. These create a nice flow and encourage guests to mingle.

Once we had created a décor plan and general theme we relied on the amazing DEA events to help us with lighting and a Flat Screen TV. I am generally against showing videos at events because it can really be an energy vacuum…however I think it is amazing to have some TVs stationed around the room that loop photos. This way people can look when they feel like it and it adds another dimension to the event. Lighting is key!!!! Today lighting can be extremely high tech and can do amazing things…that is fun when you can. At the very least have some uplights around the room and something to create energy on the dancefloor. We did some simple uplights that we strategically placed. We had the room start with an Amber feel and then gradually throughout the evening we adjusted it until it was red.

Food and Beverage should not be taken for granted. If you have a theme…be genuine all the way through. For a Gatsby Bash we did some carving stations, throwback salads, a martini mashed potato bar and a black and white themed dessert display. Everything was served by the amazing staff and the items were meant to be easy and theme appropriate. Beverage is equally important! Gatsby and my client share a love of Champagne.

We hired an Entertainer who wore a skirt that held Champagne Glasses. To add to the fun we used Magnums of Moet for affect! Lastly, for true authenticity I rented some of the old school coupe champagne glasses from the twenties. The Champagne Skirt is always impressive and helps alleviate some of the potential lines at the bar.

We didn’t stop there. We had 3 female greeters dressed in true flapper style who helped to pass our favors and encourage guests to dance. We had a gentleman greeting guests and checking the “list” and lastly the Lollipop Performer. We had a sexy Aerialist perform and even had her work with some of the other entertainers to pour champagne upside down for guests to enjoy.

The hardest thing can often be music. What’s right…you want to be considerate of the theme but also want to make sure guests enjoy themselves and dance. The twenties are known for the swing music and we wanted to have some of that but knew that would not work for hours on end. We decided to go with a DJ and have a Saxophonist and Drum Player accompany him to add that jazzy undertone to modern music. If people aren’t dancing you are doing something wrong. Make sure you think about music that will work for everyone and let the DJs do what they do best…and that is read the crowd and play what is getting the guests going. You never know what mood people will be in and if you hire a reputable DJ they will know how to read the situation.


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