Small Touches = Big Impact
November 13, 2015

When I was contracted to do a Gatsby Party for a 60th Birthday celebration my mind started going to all the little things we could do. Lucky to have such an amazing client who was up for almost anything, the fun began!


The first thing we did was find the perfect venue, and the Ritz Carlton South Beach had the answer…The Dore Room. Dore had been a restaurant but was now available to host events. The built in décor was PERFECT for our theme…freeing up some of the budget for the small touches I had planned.


We then hit the other big things, the food, beverage, music and entertainment! I am going to write about the bigger things in next week’s blog because I really want to focus on the small touches that made such a difference.


Once we hit all the big things we were able to see what we had left for the little things and I got started. It is important to not leave any DIY projects to the last minute so I immediately got to work. First on the list…creating a logo and style I could pull through. I am a huge fan of Upwork and I have an amazing Graphics Partner Anna that I work with who created our electronic save the date and invites that would set the tone.


Next up some favors with a little help from our friends on Etsy J My client loves life, and it was important that we reflected his style in our plans. We decided to hire some flapper girls who were going to pass different favors to the guests throughout the evening.


First on the list…mini liquor bottles that we put his logo on and filled with Black Label. What goes with Scotch? Well Cigars of course! We found an amazing cigar company who had a great selection of cigars. Don’t waste money on favors your guests wont use. This was a Cigar Smoking Group so we were careful to find a quality Honduran Cigar (90 points) and had them customize them with his logo. (


How would you possibly light your cigar without custom matches? Impossible! So we took care of that! Next on the list…a hashtag! We framed our hashtag with amazing Gatsby Quotes and peppered them throughout the room and even put one with a scented candle and some pearls in each of the restrooms!

Next…nothing says Champagne like Gatsby! We had Champagne featured throughout the event (see future blogs J)…but I loved one of the last favors we passed! There were a few components.

  1. Specialty Labels for Mini Champagne Bottles (etsy)
  2. Custom Straw Tags (etsy)
  3. Cool Straws
  4. Ribbon
  5. Mini Champagne/Wine Bottles

Tying the ribbon is by no means difficult but does take time. I (and my clients) were lucky my mom is handy as heck and I love an excuse to invite her over. We also got some Gatsby Cocktail Napkins (Etsy) but you can also design your own. Make sure you have the venue chill your bottles…it was really neat seeing guests open them on the spot and drink them using the straw.

The last DIY project was the valet coupons. I created some double sided valet coupons using our logo and the business card template in Word. I then had my local UPS print and cut them for me. Total cost was $26 but it really sets the tone with guests when you have thought of everything. Another plus to this, you can ask the venue to return the tickets to you to ensure you are not charged for cars that didn’t come.

The small touches can really create the biggest impact but be careful not to over extend yourself and get it out of the way early! A lot of times these projects become an after thought and ultimately can be the cause of a lot of stress…if you don’t time them right!


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