Defining Your Style
October 26, 2015

Regardless of the occasion every client has an image that they want reflected in the event. How do you define your style? What do you want your guests to feel or how do you want the event remembered? Whether it is a corporate meeting or wedding the goal is to evoke emotion in the guests. So how do you define your style..and when do you do it?

Arguments could be made for a few different approaches but I strongly believe that defining your style, or at the very least, a general framework should be the very first thing that you do. With the myriad of options available for venues and vendors you can save a lot of money by defining your style first and trying to find a venue that captures that naturally. If you want a grand wedding with flowers overflowing then a ballroom may be right for you. If you are trying to launch a new tech product there will be logistical requirements that will guide your choices.

This does not mean that you have to pick your colors and themes before doing anything else…what it means is that you need to have an idea of the feel you are looking for so that you can partner with the right vendors that will help you execute that. If you are wanting to do a Moroccan Themed party you want to find the vendors who do this well versus asking someone else to recreate the wheel which will come with a larger price tag for you.

Start with the big and work your way to the small. Negotiating your larger cost contracts first will guide how much you have left for the little touches. Once a contract is signed there is no turning back so you want to make sure you are strategic in the choices you make. Your best strategy…hire your planner first so that they can guide you through the rest!


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