The Perilous Budget
September 16, 2015

I find it so interesting when I first start working with a client and it comes time to talk about budget. The first thing we talk about is what they want..what is the dream. How many people, where, when etc. Then I ask how much they are wanting to spend. Regardless of what number they say I always ask how they came up with that number. It is amazing how many times there is absolutely no real basis.

At the end of the day working backward into a number is always an option but be prepared to be flexible if you have a lot of specific requirements. Don’t commit to a specific date or venue, so that your planner can offer you cost effective options. I always say hire an event planner first…call an event planner before you put paper to pencil. If someone calls me I am happy to take the time and listen to everything they want and then help determine a realistic budget. This has to be the first step for me to create a proposal for my services and to establish whether it can work.

Like anything else we do we want to make informed budget decisions. You can of course spend hours scouring the internet making yourself crazy, create a plethora of spreadsheets, and probably still be off…because ultimately you don’t know what you don’t know. Call a planner first…take the pain out of it and understand your choices. I spent 15 years working for hotels and truly understand the sales market…if you have a tight budget but want a luxe venue, there are ways to get incredible deals if you can be flexible with your date etc. The same is true for almost every type of service. There are also so many different ways to accomplish the goal and planners are filled with creative options.

In the modern age of DIY and Pinterest so many brides think they will save a lot of money doing things themselves. This may be true for small touches…and adding a DIY element can create another level of intimacy to any event, but be careful about how much you bite off and the truth is a lot of times it is not cheaper but can cause a lot of stress. Let a planner guide you through the entire process which will help you actually enjoy it and with their enormous resources and knowledge can save you a lot of money.


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