How it All Began
September 10, 2015


Opening my own business is by far the scariest thing I have ever done. There are a lot of moments where I wonder if I am insane to leave the comfort of corporate life and the resulting perks. I wish I could say those moments were few but that would be a lie, but what is true, is that the moments of hope and excitement have a much bigger impact. After spending almost 15 years climbing the corporate ladder in Event Management for some of the countries best hotels and resorts, I am so excited to put all of my training, experience and vendor knowledge to use for my clients in my own business.

15 years ago there was a definitive moment that launched my event career and it involved a true feeling of satisfaction at exceeding my client’s imagination and expectation by personally attending to every detail. I was working as an assistant to one of the more eccentric partners in an international PR Company in DC. One day he called me into his office and threw a file at me. That file was the foundation for a 500 person event that would be held on behalf of the champagne houses at the Pierre Hotel in New York. It would be 7 courses with celebrity chef Alain Ducasse and each course would feature the servers marching in with an amazing Magnum of Champagne. He told me “you do the rest”.

For one moment I was completely intimidated and shocked, but soon that feeling was replaced by pure excitement. My career until that moment had mostly consisted of basic research, picking up coffee and verifying media lists…not at all the glamorous PR life I had imagined. The next few months were total chaos to say the least, as I worked tirelessly to make all of the arrangements I was terrified I had forgotten something. The night started without a hitch and things were going tremendously, that was until someone complained about the chicken. The celebrity chef thought the appropriate response would be to have a total meltdown and walk out. After overcoming complete panic we somehow rallied and the night was a resounding success.

As everyone was leaving, the head of Moet Chandon invited me to the bar for a celebratory drink. Not being a huge drinker I thought a glass of champagne couldn’t hurt, especially when the head of Moet Chandon was requesting it. Little did I know he was a big fan of scotch. He insisted that I have a scotch neat, that I am sure cost more then I made in a week. As we sat in the dark bar drinking scotch he went on and on about how amazing the dinner had been and how proud he was. At that moment I knew. I knew I never wanted to do anything else, events was my passion, and nothing was going to stop me. Being able to take the client’s dreams and realize them through attention to detail and imagination was the best feeling I had ever had. The rest is history.

To this day, and throughout my entire career, I have had one goal…to create amazing memories and experiences while making it easy and fun for my clients. Nothing makes me happier than taking the time to truly understand their objectives and then being able to make out of the box suggestions that will help exceed all expectations. Like my first event, so often things go wrong, but I pride myself on handling anything that comes my way with calmly and methodically, and have yet to find a problem I couldn’t find some sort of a solution.


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